There You Go!

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There You Go!

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What To Read After Finals

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“Break rules. But never break the rules you make for yourself.” –estrojen

The trait most important to being a “real American” is to believe in treating people equally, according to a Grinnell College poll released on Monday. Offered a list of traits, 90% of respondents said treating people equally is very important, followed by taking personal responsibility for one’s actions (88% said that was very important), accepting people of different racial backgrounds (81%), and supporting the US Constitution (80%).

The least important traits were being a Christian (55% said it was not important), having been born in America (49%), and having lived in America most of one’s life (45%).

Republicans and Democrats have different views on what makes a “real American,” however. The top three traits for Republicans include taking responsibility for one’s actions (94% very important), supporting the US constitution (93%), and treating people equally (90%). Democrats agreed in seeing equal treatment and personal responsibility as very important traits, but included accepting people of different racial backgrounds in their top three (88% said it was very important).