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Tycho Brahe
(1546 – 1601)



  1. Sophia Skedros says:

    I find it interesting that Tycho believed the Earth at the center of the universe, despite the fact he acknowledged planets were revolving around the sun. The idea that two planets can share centrality while one is dominant seems convoluted, and an accomplished scientist surely would have seen the improbability. I believe society’s aggressive assertion that the earth is the center of the universe influenced Tycho. Even though he believed planets also revolved around the sun, it is possible that geocentricity was so engrained in his thinking that he was unable to let go of that theory completely when adopting his own.

    • Well, it was ingrained in virtually everyone’s thoughts. It’s easy not to look back and say, But of course! Yet how could our way of viewing things possibly looked to someone in Tycho’s day, who did not have the advantage of hindsight and was surrounded of thousands of years of scholarship arguing for a geocentric cosmos? Tycho’s own formulations, which had no guarantee yet did correspond to his meticulous personal observations, were in themselves radically imaginative and daring.

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