Readings for May 25th

Posted: May 23, 2017 in Uncategorized
~Science, Ambition, Ego~


Galileo Galilei
(1564 – 1642)
“Sidereus Nuncius – The Astral Messenger” (1610)

french school-Christine_de_Lorraine_1588

“Letter to the Grand Duchess Christina” (1615)


• Rene Descartes •
(1596 – 1650)

“Discourse on Method” (1639)

(read sections 2, 4 and 5)


Peter Dear
Historian of Science & Technology
Cornell University
“A Mechanical Microcosm” (1998)




  1. Jordan Franchina says:

    In his letter to the Grand Duchess Christina, Galileo says, “Yet I do not believe it is wrong to speak out when there is reason to suspect that other men wish, for some personal motive, to produce and employ such authorities for purposes quite different from the sacred intention of the holy Church.” Is he saying that he doesn’t condemn the use of the church to propagate personal agenda, even if it contradicts with the teachings of the church?

    • It’s good that you want to clarify this matter. Galileo is actually saying he thinks it is right to defend himself when church leaders condemn him for personal reasons, and for using the Bible in ways that go against its intended meaning.

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