Modern Commodity Fetishes

Posted: May 25, 2017 in Uncategorized

“Imagine for a moment – if you possibly can . . . ” –Marcel Mauss

“Fashion is the last repository of the marvelous.” –Christian Dior

  1. A. Anderson says:

    I’m not super into fashion, but I can understand why somebody might prefer to wear one set of clothing over another. Fashion is a sort of self expression, and what you wear gives insight into who you are- even if you don’t pay attention to your choice of clothing yourself.

    That said, I think that the most “chic”, “new”, and “must have” clothing articles aren’t anything more than a waste of time for the idle rich.

    • Now that ‘norm core’ is a thing, it’s more than ever impossible to opt out of the fashion system. If if one’s selections declare than one is outside the system, that is simply one more way of signifying that one is indeed part of the system. Your interest in addressing this handbags is just one example of this inescapable ‘residue’ of care and participation. As is the case now with gender and sexual orientation, the system may have become far more complex. But that is hardly to say that the system no longer exists. Rather, it shows that the system exists as the process of the constant negotiation and renegotiation of identity and status. It strikes there is simply no escaping our embeddedness in social interactions. Galileo is a prime example of this – and Greenblatt’s and Biagioli’s studies bear witness to that. Though as Peter Dear will point out today, not even Descartes could escape the same plight.

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