Readings For June 1st

Posted: May 30, 2017 in Readings


Baruch Spinoza
(1632 – 1677)
Theological-Political Treatise (1670)
Ethics (1677)


Stephen Shapin (Harvard) and Simon Schaffer (Cambridge)
“The Trouble with Experiment: Hobbes vs. Boyle
Winners of the 2005 Erasmus Prize

  1. Anurag Tripathy says:

    I just wanted to confirm something about reading Locke’s essay about Human Understanding. Is my perception of him being an empiricist correct? It seems that in Book I is is establishing that all humans are born as tabula rasa(s) and then proceed to fill the paper with experiences, that are either external in the form of senses or internal with feelings such as doubting, thinking etc.?

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