A Personal Letter From Descartes

Posted: June 6, 2017 in Uncategorized

This really caught me off guard as I was reading last night. Any idea why?

  1. Kayla Kingsley says:

    Lol what in tarnation is happening in the cover? Feeling like I can relate to the confused man in the back right now.

    • A very large amount of Dutch art, like so much Renaissance and Baroque art, was deliberately and unapologetically erotic (even if the subjects sometimes, as is the case here, had their clothes on). A quick look at the paintings of Peter Paul Rubens will quickly confirm this. I can’t say definitively that Jardine was consulted on the choice of cover image for her book, but I imagine she was. Clearly, the point of her study is to depict the sumptuousness and voluptuousness of the Dutch Golden Age.

  2. Sophia Skedros says:

    I still don’t think Descartes believed in horoscopes to the extent he portrayed in his personal letter. Sure, he may recognize that he is an Aries, but he was not going to plan his day off of it. I think he was trying to promote his new works with something the public liked: horoscopes.

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