Readings for June 8th

Posted: June 6, 2017 in Readings

These are for Thursday. To avoid getting bogged down, I will only assign the Diderot. Please feel free to read the other selections though. Note that Diderot, while fascinating and important reading, will also be a bit raunchy, at least to the discerning reader. I’d encourage students to give him a try nevertheless, because this kind of material is an essential part of the Enlightenment. But I won’t demand that all students must read it, in case anyone is sensitive to innuendo. Please do what makes sense to you.

The first reading, by contemporary scholar Timon Screech, is a bit lengthy; but it is fairly straightforward, and much of its length is comprised of illustrations. In some ways this material will look very different from anything we’ve discussed so far this semester. But just a little reflection on it should reveal to you how well this relates to our earlier readings. I hope you find these essays on the Japanese reception of the Western optical apparatus as fascinating as I do.


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