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Magnifico, that is, great, grand, generous. Which means the exact opposite, since the Commedia dell’Arte Magnifico is decidedly avaricious. But besides this extremely human defect, the Magnifico represents the highest authority in the family. He is the one who runs not only the economy, the finances, but also the destiny of the household and all who live there. He decides whether or not to pay the servants (he generally inclines against it, not without good reason); he decides where his son or daughter (the Lovers) will marry, when, and with whom, and he thus sets in play the great drama of the lovers, whose solution becomes the material for the three traditional acts of the comedy. Magnifico is thus the technical term that indicates the character.


  1. Nick Loyola says:

    The original Catalinbread Galileo!! Awesome!! Made to recreate Brian May’s tone through an AC 30 right? Coincidence that both are in the blog right next to each other?

    • That’s my pedal. I bought it principally to create the tone you describe. But I can’t deny that the association with the famous astronomer also spoke to me. I’m glad I got the original with the boost feature. I can’t imagine why they ever downscaled it.

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