In The Shadow of Hegel

Posted: June 20, 2017 in Uncategorized

  1. Marko Miholjcic says:

    Do you think that the reason why new philosophers aren’t surpassing Hegel and Marx is because new philosophers aren’t explaining large concepts in clear stages? For example, phenomenology doesn’t use stages to explain how conscious experiences have changed over time. On the other hand, Hegel and Marx describe the progression of ideas/society in steps.

    • Hegel and Marc are so difficult to overcome because of the fact that dialectic is at the heart of their philosophies. Each is centered around conflict, as we saw in Master and Slave. To defeating one’s enemy, one must know one’s enemy, perhaps even better than the enemy knows himself. This can only be achieved by entering into the mindset of the enemy, in the process of which one runs the risk of becoming possessed by the enemy. Consequently, in the very act of defeating the enemy one is defeated by the enemy, who is preserved and carried on through his own destruction. The German term for this is Aufhebung. Translated into English, it is sublation.

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