The Power of Voice – One of My Favorite Artists (Choreographer Bill T. Jones)

Posted: June 20, 2017 in Uncategorized

  1. Andrew Sedley says:

    I really enjoyed the songs leading into the poems. A great way to not only attract the listeners attention, but also prepare your ear for the tone inflections he would use while reading the poems. Just makes you more aware! Also the end of the first poem, “Nothing stays put. The world is a wheel.
    All that we know, that we’re made of, is motion.” This relates perfectly to the ideas we were talking about in class, that everything is always constantly moving. Things are not still objects, but a wish wash of fluids. Overall, really enjoyed the poetry and reading.

    • Glad you took time to listen to this. Jones is not only a great artist, but he’s also one of the few artists who actually communicates well about his art, and art in general. In my experience, this is hardly something to be taken for granted. One might to well to strive to emulate Jones’ tone when writing the final for our class. Good luck with that!

      • Angela Tabak says:

        Fascinating to listen to!! Just curious, did you get the chance to see the talk he gave at Kingsbury (in January, I believe)? I wasn’t able to go to it, but while he was here he spoke to the School of Dance for an informal discussion/ Q&A. It was such a great experience, because part of the way he does communicate so well is through brutal honesty, particularly about the history and traditions of both ballet and modern dance, as well as it’s current trends.

        • I most certainly would have attended the event, if I had only known about it. Sadly, communication between departs at the U of U tends to be rather poor. I have missed countless important speakers over the last several years. It’s exasperating.

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